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1. Are there any changes to refuse and recycle collection?
2. Can I flush toilet paper replacement products or disinfectant wipes?
3. Can I go to a park?
4. How can I buy a Fire Burning Permit?
5. How can I get green refuse bags?
6. How can I pay my bill?
7. I have sewer odor within my home, what do I do?
8. I recently received a letter from Ferguson Waterworks. Do I still need to schedule a water meter replacement?
9. I recently received my special assessment bills, how can I pay them?
10. Is it safe to fly yet?
11. Is my water at risk of being turned off for non-payment?
12. Is my water safe to drink?
13. Is the Airport open? What flights are available?
14. Is the city still doing Building Safety inspections?
15. What are acceptable and non-acceptable items for a Special Pick-Up?
16. What are current scams for COVID-19?
17. What information should businesses and workers know?
18. What is my sewer responsibility?
19. What streets are closed?
20. When should I renew my liquor license?
21. When and how will my Stimulus Check arrive?
22. Where can I learn more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
23. Why are you cleaning sewers right now, is that essential?