Scott Zlotnik

Parks & Recreation Department
Title: Community Services and Facilities Director
Phone: (320) 257-5959


Scott Zlotnik is currently the St. Cloud Community Services & Facilities Director and oversees multiple departments including:   Park & Recreation, Municipal Athletic Complex, River's Edge Convention Center and Aging Services. He has worked for the City of St. Cloud since 2004. He has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and holds credentials as a Certified Arborist and Certified Park & Recreation Professional. Scott also has 35+ years of industry work experience working with residents, community members and customers. 

Some of the responsibilities that Scott has been charged with while working for the City of St. Cloud: 

  • Designing and planning systems, facilities, and programs 
  • Budgets and fiduciary responsibilities 
  • Grant programs
  • Capital Improvement Program
  • Construction management
  • Program Management
  • Boards, commissions, and special interest groups
  • Public relations and customer service

Core values:

  • Assure funding to support city operations, infrastructure, and future projects
  • Achieve a broader economic base
  • Provide state-of-the art efficient and cost-effective services
  • Enhance quality of life for all
  • Collaborate on multiple levels across government, private and civic organizations
  • Encourage open and participatory public processes

 If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions concerning the operation of the Community Services & Facilities Section, please feel free contact the main office by phone at (320) 257-5959 or by email


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