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Brownfield Site Nomination Form

  1. The City of St. Cloud was awarded a $400,000 Brownfield Community-Wide Assessment Grant to support the assessment, clean up, and revitalization of vacant and underutilized sites throughout the city. Grant funds can be used to complete Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), clean-up planning, and a variety of property reuse planning activities. Funding will be available through September 2019.

  2. (purchase, condemnation, tax foreclosure, deed, imminent domain, donation, other)

  3. Have any of the following previously been performed on this site (if known)?

  4. Which of the following are you interested in having performed on this site?

  5. Phase I ESA:

  6. Phase I ESA Update:

  7. Phase II ESA:

  8. Additional Investigation of Documented Impacts:

  9. Asbestos/Regulated Building Assessment:

  10. Corrective Action Plan:

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