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Commercial Building Permit Application

  1. Commercial Building Permit Application
    This application is for electronic plan review for a Building Permit only. Separate permits are required for Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and/or Fire work being done. Within 1 business day of submitting the permit application you will receive an email from ePlans inviting you to the project. You will upload all related plans and documents in this system. Please see the handouts on the City website for more information on the ePlans system.
  2. Site/Building Information
    Fill out information about the site/building where the project is to take place.
  3. Fill out the name of the business the project is for.
  4. Fill out the address, including suite number (if applicable) where the project is to take place. If there are multiple addresses, include EVERY address.
  5. Fill out the property owners name (where the project is taking place).
  6. Project Information
    Fill out information on the project.
  7. Type of Work*
  8. New Tenant Location*
    Is this project for a new tenant in this location/moving tenant locations?
  9. Water & Sewer Service*
  10. Water Meter Size
  11. Cost of entire project, including labor and material.
  12. Fill out type of IBC occupancy type.
  13. Fill out IBC construction type for project.
  14. Building is: *
  15. Fill out description of project/work to be performed. (Text box will expand as needed)
  16. Plan Review Required

    Plan review WILL BE required prior to permit issuance for your project, please upload plans.

  17. Applicant Information
    Fill out information for the applicant for the project. The applicant is the contact person for plan review and is responsible for ePlans tasks. The applicant must sign application below. You can add additional contacts in the ePlans system if there are additional people who need access to the project in ePlans.
  18. Applicant Is:*
    If the applicant is the Owner or Architect, a City-Licensed Commercial Contractor is required prior to permit payment/issuance.
  19. Applicant Disclaimer
    I hereby apply for a Building Permit and acknowledge that the information submitted in this application is complete and accurate and that THIS IS NOT A BUILDING PERMIT. As the applicant, I acknowledge that I am responsible for any fees incurred during the plan review process including all permit fees and that I am requesting approval for the electronically submitted documents for construction. I understand that it is my responsibility, as applicant, to submit all required documents and revisions as required by the City of St. Cloud. If this permit request is cancelled for any reason after plan review has been completed, but before permit issuance, I understand that I will be responsible for all plan review charges.
  20. Typed name above shall constitute an electronic signature and acceptance of applicant disclaimer above.
  21. Contractor Information
    Fill out information for the contractor for the project. The contractor must be licensed with the City of St. Cloud as a Commercial Contractor, please see the City website for licensing information. If a contractor has not been selected yet, please type "TBD". If you are working on your license, please type in your Company Name with "Applied For" after it. A City-Licensed Commercial Contractor is required prior to permit payment/issuance.
  22. Name of licensed commercial contractor company.
  23. City issued License Number. Number should start with "BCOM".
  24. Contractor Disclaimer
    As Contractor I acknowledge that I am responsible for the work performed under this permit and that all work will be done in accordance with the conditions of the permit; the approved plans and specifications; the ordinances of the City of St. Cloud; and the Minnesota State Building Codes. The work will remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes. The person doing the work shall call for the inspections and a 24-hour notice is required. The permit will become void if work does not begin within 180 days or is suspended at any time for over 180 days.
  25. Pay With The Credit Card on File With The City*

    By choosing Yes I request the City to apply any permit fees to the credit card on file once the permit is approved.

  26. Typed names above shall constitute an electronic signature.
  27. Additional Contact Information
    Fill out information for additional contacts for the project.
  28. Construction Contact Information
    Fill out information on contact person during construction, this contact will receive emails with inspection results.
  29. Architect Information
    Fill out information on licensed Architect for project (if applicable).
  30. Land Disturbance Information*
    Will this project disturb land of greater than or equal to 5,000 square feet? The 5,000 square feet includes all project land disturbing activities including, but not limited to: grading, landscaping, etc. (Regardless of answer you will be subject to the conditions of the City's Stormwater System Use Code Ordinance 365).
  31. Applicant is:*
  32. Land Disturbance Permit Application*
    Permit Review Checklist: Pursuant to the requirements of the Stormwater System Use Code Ordinance of the City of St. Cloud, a separate Land Disturbance Permit is required. Applicant must submit the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and all plans and documents related to stormwater BMPs and calculations, drainage, and the civil plan sheets.
  33. If the disturbed area is 1 acre or larger, you are required to apply for the MPCA Construction Stormwater Permit.
  34. Inspection Reports and Notice of Violations Communication Method
    Inspection reports and notice of violations related to site inspections and for compliance with this permit will be emailed to the Applicant/Permittee at the applicant email address supplied above. If you wish to receive these reports and notices through a different form of communication, please indicate below.
  35. Land Disturbance Permit Applicant Disclaimer*
    The undersigned agrees that by signing of this application obligates the Applicant and Contractor to adhere to any and all ordinances and regulations adopted by the City of St. Cloud, as well as requests for further protection as deemed necessary by any employee or agent of the City of St. Cloud, Stearns, Benton, or Sherburne County, or the State of Minnesota. The undersigned accepts full responsibility for compliance with the Stormwater System Use Code Ordinance of the City of St. Cloud, and agrees to comply with the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan or equivalent in full. Additionally, right-of-way onto this property to the City of St. Cloud, its employees or agents, for the purpose of ordinance enforcement is granted. The Sauk River Watershed District is a third party beneficiary to the conditions of this approval and is entitled to full rights of enforcement of any and all conditions in the event improper, no or partial performance of said conditions. In addition, I understand a State Construction Stormwater Permit is required from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for any construction activity disturbing 1 acre or more of soil, or less than 1 acre of soil disturbance if that activity is part of a larger common plan development of sale that covers more than 1 acre (e.g. new house in a subdivision, phased project). I understand I am responsible for obtaining the State Construction Stormwater Permit if needed.
  36. Typed name above shall constitute an electronic signature.
  37. Additional Project Information
    The following information is required for different City Departments. If you answer "YES" to any of the following, please contact the appropriate department (in parenthesis) for additional information needed.
  38. City Right-of-Way Work*
    Are you doing any work within the public right-of-way? Public right-of-ways include: streets, sidewalks, alleys, driveway aprons, and other right-of-way dedicated for public use.
  39. City Right-of-Way Permit*
    Any work that is to take place within the public right-of-way requires a separate Right-of-Way permit through the City Engineering Department, obtained by a City Licensed Excavator. Information on City Right-of-Way permits can be found in the link below.
  40. Liquor Licensing*
    Will this project need, or does it currently have a liquor license through the City?
  41. Food, Pool, Lodging & Massage Licensing*

    Will this project include any of the following establishments or activities: food/beverage service, food vending, retail food handler/grocery, board & lodging, public pool, or massage? (Health & Inspections Department (320) 255-7214).

  42. Food Service Establishment Information*

    City ordinance prohibits the discharge of any fats, oils or grease in the sanitary sewer in excess of 100 mg/L (360:45 Subd. 11) and facilities are required to install a trap or interceptor to prevent such discharges (360:65 Subd. 5). Will this new building/facility, for the purpose of a Food Services Establishment, using or producing grease containing consumables/products? (Wastewater Pretreatment Program (320)255-7226).

  43. Industrial User Information*
    Per 40 CFR 403: the City requires any Significant Industrial Users to be permitted through the Pretreatment Program (36005 Subd. 58 and 360:40). Will this new building/facility produce industiral wastewater? (Wastewater Pretreatment Project (320)255-7226).
  44. Dental User Information*
    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has required all dental users discharging wastewater to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs)/Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTFs) install and maintain a suitable Amalgam Separator (40 CFR 441.50). Is this new building/facility for the purpose of operating a dental clinic/facility? (Wastewater Pretreatment Project (320)255-7226).
  45. Stormwater Information*
    Has the Licensed Professional responsible for the projects stormwater and drainage implemented all applicable items and requirements from the following: Land Development Code Article 19.12; and the City's Permanent Stormwater Design Checklist? (For more information contact the Engineering Department at 320-255-7249)
  46. Typed name above shall constitute an electronic signature.
  47. Typed name above shall constitute an electronic signature.
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