Delinquent Utilities

On July 1st of every year any unpaid utility balances more than 30 days past due will be notified of delinquency.  You will be given a certain amount of days (as stated in the letter mailed to you) to get this delinquent balance paid.  If still unpaid, your name/account will be added to the delinquent utility assessment roll, which becomes part of a public record furnished to the City Council for consideration at a future meeting, at which time a public hearing date will be set to consider the final assessment roll.  Accounts included on the delinquent utility assessment roll adopted by the City Council will incur a certification fee of $50.00 (and will begin accruing daily interest as of this approval date).  Any utility account included on the delinquent utility assessment roll with balances remaining as of November 1st will be forwarded to the County Auditor's office for collection with your property taxes payable the following year, along with interest accrued from the date the Council adopted the assessment roll.

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19. Delinquent Utilities
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