What are the most common examinations?
The most common types of exams are:
• Qualifications Rating: This exam typically involves an evaluation of your training and experience as it relates to the duties of the position. It is usually an assessment of an examination (Supplemental Questionnaire) and your application.
• Interview: An interview typically involves a panel of interviewers who ask structured questions about past experiences in handling specific situations. The questions are usually designed to measure broad categories of competencies, such as your ability to solve problems or to assess your communication skills.
• Practical Exam: This exam typically requires you to perform functions similar to those routinely performed in the job.
• Written Exam: These exams measure job-related knowledge. They are usually based on announced references or knowledge areas. Typical written exams are multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank and are usually used for jobs which require specific knowledge.

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