Resources for Landlords 

To own property is a valuable investment and when you come to the decision to become a landlord or manager of that property, you want to have the resources you need to protect that investment. Besides having a healthy relationship with your tenants that consists of respect and trust, these resources can be helpful in making sure you’re legal and fair in how you conduct business.

Rental Training

The St. Cloud Police Department hosts a rental training that is required of every landlord or manager in St. Cloud. The training is free. Visit the Rental Training Program page for more information.

Rights and Responsibilities

To ensure the tenant and landlord relationship is harmonious and without major issues, it’s wise to be familiar with the rights and responsibilities that both parties have. The Attorney General’s Office has a helpful website that has more information about this as well as a publication you can download as a PDF or order from them for free if you are a Minnesota resident.

Landlords & Tenants

rights and responsibilities landlord and tenant

Minnesota Statutes

  • The Landlord and Tenant Statutes covers aspects related to leasing and rent, obligations and covenants, inspection reports and code violations, tenant’s rights, utilities, evictions and more.
  • It’s advisable to get as comfortable as you can with these statutes to ensure you’re following the law

Eviction Information

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has Court forms available to assist you in housing and landlord-tenant legal issues, including eviction. They also have an overview page to help you understand this landlord-tenant relationship as it relates to federal law, state statutes, local ordinances, safety and housing codes, common law, contract law, and a number of court decisions.