New Resident Information


Residential water bills are sent out every two months and include water, sewer, and refuse collection fees. If you have questions about City-provided utilities and fees, please visit the Utility Billing page, or call 320-255-7211. You may complete our Utility Service Form online to establish your new utility account. Your bill may be paid at City Hall or through our online processing. For Public Utilities emergencies call 320-255-7225.

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Garbage & Recycling

St. Cloud operates a volume-based refuse collection system combined with recycling. The Sanitation Division provides refuse, recycling and yard waste services to single family, duplex and triplex residential properties. Residents have two options for refuse service, bag service or 90-gallon cart service.  Refuse is collected weekly. All homes are supplied with one blue 95 gallon recycling cart, which is emptied bi-weekly. If you have questions, please contact Public Works at 320-650-2900.

Driver's License & License Plates

If you have moved to Minnesota from another state, you may operate a motor vehicle for a period of 60 days in MN with a valid driver's license from your previous state of residence. The Driver's License Examiner's Office is located at 3333 West Division Street. Address updates and license plates can be taken care of at the Stearns County.

General Parking Information

To increase turnover for downtown businesses, on-street meters and certain surface parking lots require payment at all hours and all days, with the exception of no parking 2:00 AM - 6:00 AM to allow for maintenance activities. Parking ramps downtown are free after 5:00 PM on weekdays and free all day on weekends. It is illegal to park a vehicle on a public street for a period exceeding 24 hours, and you must park with the flow of traffic. Watch for designated parking, curbside pickup and no parking zone signs. If you park in a no parking zone, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed. A fine will be imposed for parking in a Handicap Parking space without a permit.

For specific parking questions please contact us by email or visit the page.

Winter Parking

Parking regulations to allow for removal of snow are in effect each year from November 1 - April 1. Snow emergencies will be announced on local radio stations and you can also sign-up to be notified on Notify Me by choosing Snow Emergency under the Alert Center. Find an explanation of Winter Parking Restrictions.

Voter Registration

Please register to vote! If you have any questions call your county Auditor's Office.

  • Stearns County - Ph: 320-656-3900
  • Benton County - Ph: 320-968-5000
  • Sherburne County - Ph: 800-438-0576

Barbecuing Basics

Storing BBQs or BBQ fuels is not allowed on apartment balconies or ground floor patios. These items must be stored at least 15 feet away from any building, property line, or vehicle. Visit the Fire Permits page for more information.

Building or Remodeling?

Before you start your project check to see whether or not a building permit is needed and the zoning requirements are met. Call 320-255-7239 for more information.

Burning Regulations/Disposal of Yard Waste

Recreational burning permits are available for residents to burn clean, dry, natural, unpainted, wood for recreational use. Residents who live in the city can dispose of any leaves or yard waste at the city's compost site. Permits to burn leaves, brush, dried grass, scrap lumber (non-treated) and garden trimmings, etc. can only be issued to areas zoned Agricultural. For information on the different permits visit the Fire Permits page.

Curfew Hours

Because of safety concerns, there is a city ordinance regarding curfew enforcement for individuals under the age of 18.

Dog Licenses

You are allowed to have two dogs per household and will need to show a current rabies vaccination certificate. The dog licensing year runs from June 1 to May 31. When walking your dog don't forget its leash and your pooper scooper. There are off-leash dog parks located throughout the city.

Hazardous Waste

To properly dispose of any hazardous waste materials, bring them to the Tri-County Solid Waste Collection Facility and Product Exchange.

Noise Ordinance

Creating an unreasonable noise disturbance is unlawful any time of the day. Between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM you cannot disturb your neighborhood with noise from parties or gatherings, etc. If noise is plainly audible within 50 feet of your apartment, home or car and you live in a residential neighborhood a violation of the noise ordinance exists.

Rental Properties

All rental properties must be registered with the city. Contact 320-255-7214 for rules and regulations.

Snow & City Sidewalks

To promote public safety, property owners are required to clear the snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property within 24 hours after any snowfall. If you don't, the Public Works department will - and you will be stuck with a bill!

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Aging Services

Information on aging programs and services provided by the City of St. Cloud

Area Education

The St. Cloud metro area boasts one of the largest student populations in the state of Minnesota, with more than 81,000 people enrolled in school ranging from pre-K school to graduate school. To learn more about the top public and private elementary, middle and high school, as well as higher learning institutions, visit our Education page.

Area Resource Directory

Visit our Area Resource Directory to view a list of local and state resources for the St. Cloud area.

Volunteer Opportunities

Find volunteer opportunities in the St. Cloud area.