Report An Illicit Discharge

An illicit discharge is any connection or discharge which allows non-stormwater to enter into the storm drain system.

Illicit Discharge Examples
  • Yard or plant waste dumping into a storm drain
  • Concrete washout into a storm drain
  • Sanitary sewer pipes that are connected to the storm drain system
  • Oil or grease that is dumped or flows into a storm drain
  • Washing vehicles or equipment into the storm drain system
Only Rain Down the Storm Drain
Report an Illicit Discharge
City staff relies on your assistance to find illicit discharges to the storm drain system. If you see a substance other than rain entering the stormwater system, please email the stormwater department or call (320) 255-7226. 
Please include the following information in your email or phone call:
  • A brief description of the issue
  • The location of the discharge or connection
  • Contact information (for follow-up purposes only, all reports will remain anonymous)

You can also fill out the illicit discharge form to report issues.