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Winter Parking Restrictions Begin November 1

Winters in Minnesota result in a lot of snow and the need for snow removal. To facilitate snow removal, St. Cloud has. Starting Monday, November 1, Seasonal Calendar Parking and the annual Seasonal Parking Ban goes into effect. Avoid getting a parking ticket by understanding the

St. Cloud Parking Pilot ‘PLUS’

In 2021, St. Cloud started an exciting new pilot for the Parking System that has been extended through June 30, 2022. Based on feedback from Downtown businesses, the program has been improved to a PLUS series to provide further benefits and enhance the parking experience. 

Pilot ‘PLUS’ improvements will roll out January 1, 2022 and will extend through June 30, 2022. These enhancements  include:

  • FREE parking in ramps: weeknights starting at 5:00 PM and all day weekends
  • PLUS FREE parking in 5 surface lots starting at 5:00 PM and weekends 
    • Cloverleaf Lot
    • Plaza Lot
    • Swan Lot
    • River’s Edge North Lot 
    • River’s Edge South Lot
  • DISCOUNTS on Annual parking permits – 10% discount applies to all annual parking permits.

  • To increase turnover for downtown businesses, on-street meters and certain surface parking lots will require payment at all hours and all days, with the exception of no parking 2:00 AM - 6:00 AM to allow for maintenance activities. 
    • PLUS  Parking space time limits have been increased. On-street parking meter spaces may be parked in for three (3) hours and surface lot locations for five (5) hours.

  • Safety remains a priority for St. Cloud Parking. Patrols by a private security contractor, already in place in all ramps will continue.
    • PLUS Security patrol hours have been extended to ensure coverage in the earlier hours of the evening. 

Email St. Cloud Parking with questions

Blue background with white icons and text laying out how to use ParkMobile App

Now Offering!

ParkMobile allows parkers to use their mobile device to easily pay for their parking session.

The ParkMobile app will be available at over 3,500 parking spaces in Downtown St. Cloud starting in early August. There will be new stickers and signage posted throughout the Central Business District to provide information on how to pay for parking using the new app.

Click on the PARKMOBILE APP tab below to find useful videos to help you navigate and use the ParkMobile App.

Downtown Parking Information

The City of St. Cloud provides on and off street parking through its municipal parking program. There are three types of parking in the Downtown area:
1. On street parking (noted in dark yellow on map)
2. Parking lots (noted in light blue on map)
3. Parking ramps (noted in dark blue on map)
  • Centre Square Parking Facility
  • Grand Central Parking Ramp
  • Paramount Parking Ramp
  • River's Edge East Parking Ramp
  • River's Edge West Parking Ramp 

  2. On Street Parking
  3. Parking Lots
  4. Parking Permits
  5. Pay Stations
  6. Parking Ramps
  7. Ramp Permits