Rental Training Program

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Who needs to attend this training?

Any property owner who allows their property to be occupied for rent in exchange for any goods and services requires a rental license in the city of St. Cloud. A requirement for obtaining the license is to participate in this training course. The actual attendants may be the property owner, manager or other staff put in charge of maintaining the unit that is being rented out. 


What is the Training?

The Rental Training Program is designed to allow landlords, managers and property owners of any rental in St. Cloud to learn how to successfully rent out property. The goal is to provide safe and desirable rental opportunities throughout the city to maintain a wholesome community. 

  • The training is now virtual!
  • The training material is instructed by:
    • The Police Department
    • The Fire Department
    • The Health Department
  • The training is required to become licensed in St. Cloud
  • The training is specific to St. Cloud as it covers St. Cloud ordinances and policies
  • The training is important for the Fire, Health and Police Departments to develop relationships with tenants to further the goals of a safe and wholesome city


In order to participate in this free training, registration is required. Please complete the registration form and an email with your log-in information will be sent back to you so that you can start the training. Note: You will get one month from the date that your log-in information is sent back to you to complete the training.