Did You Know?

Fun Facts About Whitney Senior Center
These facts were researched and compiled by our very own Whitney historian.
  • 1929: A 143-acre piece of land, located about 5 miles south of St. Cloud, was deeded to the city by Mrs. Alice Whitney. The purpose of this deed was to serve the City of St. Cloud with an approved airport site as a memorial to her late husband. The airport is to be known perpetually as the Albert G. Whitney Airport.
  • 1933: The present airport site was deemed not suitable for an airport. After much negotiating the City of St. Cloud deeded back the 143 acres to Mrs. Whitney. Mrs. Whitney then deeded approximately 150 acres of land to the City of St. Cloud. This site met airport requirements and was within the city limits, located 300 feet west of 6th Avenue North, between 17th Street North and the Sauk Rapids bridge. Thus began Whitney Memorial Airport.
  • 1944: The new administration building at Whitney Memorial Airport was finished. Work would continue on the general offices, lunch counter, waiting rooms, and rest rooms.
  • 1946: There were 4,000 spectators who watched planes perform at the official dedication of the new building.
  • 1947: 2 more runways were added to Whitney Memorial Airport. Several citizen groups were asking for a "better and more suitable airport."
  • 1949-1954: Several airlines had regular flights to the St. Cloud area and the amount of airplane owners and pilots increased.
  • 1955: Mr. Vandre, the airport manager, offered to sell the city his workshop and hanger buildings, which were built in 1946 on city property, due to high taxes.
  • 1956: Mr. Vandre accepted the city's $3,000 offer to buy his buildings. St. Cloud Flying Service would manage the airport with Mr. Vandre's resignation.
  • 1962: Due to zoning regulations and maintenance of state and federal grant possibilities, the City Council must decide on a new airport location. A special Airport Commission was appointed.
  • 1966: The Airport Commission was in favor of moving the airport as well, as it was recommended by state and federal authorities.