Let's Rethink Aging

Redefining Our Place in Society
In our ever-changing society, the phenomenal growth of the older adult population is driving some of the most significant social and economic developments of our time. In the face of this transformation, past responses to aging and past perceptions of older adults no longer apply. The experience of maturing is rapidly evolving, forcing us to rethink what it means to "grow old."

We are ignoring the stigma attached to "senior citizen" and making active decisions regarding the way we spend our retirement years. Many of us are going back to school, starting businesses, even training for triathlons. We are redefining our place in society by taking control of how we live, work, and play.

At Whitney we are focused on helping you maintain a fun, productive, and active social and personal life in your well-deserved retirement years. This is the place to enjoy life, learn how to do the things you always dreamed you could, and discover a community of like-minded individuals who long to share their experience and knowledge.