Rules & Tips

Rules for Off-Leash Pet Exercise Areas

  • All handlers must purchase an OLPEA Permit for their dog(s)
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dogs declared dangerous animals under city code and / or state statutes or potentially dangerous dogs are not allowed
  • Dogs in heat are not permitted
  • Handlers must clean up after their dog(s)
  • Handlers must have their dog(s) under control at all times
  • Handlers must leash dog(s) at the first sign of aggression or unruliness
  • Handlers must possess 1 leash per dog
  • No more than 2 dogs per handler are permitted at one time in OLPEA
  • Off-leash pet exercise areas are open during regular park hours
Please note: City of St. Cloud Municipal Ordinance requires dogs to be leashed at all times on park property that is not an off-leash pet exercise area.

Tips for Off-Leash Pet Exercise Areas

  • Bring ample water for your dog(s)
  • Do not bring food or dog toys; they may create conflict
  • Extend common courtesy to all other users
  • Moderate your use during peak hours
  • Vaccinate dogs per the recommendation of your veterinarian