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Who We Are

Southside Hoops is a free 3-on-3 league that is held at Haws Park in the Southside Neighborhood of St. Cloud. Basketball games are organized and refereed by St Cloud police officers throughout the summer. In 2020 our program paired with School Boys Basketball and Higher Works Collaborative to form the Cloud City Summer League, in which games were played at Haws Park, Seberger Park and Promise Neighborhood Park. 

Mission Statement

The Southside Hoops program aims to provide a safe environment for area youth to play basketball and grow their individual and team skills. St Cloud Police officers organize, coach and referee basketball games which helps foster close relationships between the youth and officers naturally, though the game of basketball.

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Games are held every Tuesday and Wednesday in August, with an end of the year tournament held on the last Saturday of August. Games are played late into the evening on the tournament day with trophies, jerseys and water bottles provided to all of the approximately 300 participants that range in age from 8-18. 

The league is free and your child can join us by contacting us to let us know you're interested!

Traveling AAU 9th Grade Team

In the spring of 2021 St Cloud Police Officers expanded the Southside Hoops Program by coaching a traveling AAU 9th grade team with local kids. The team was formed by School Boys basketball non profit and coached by three officers. The AAU team practiced twice a week and had 5 tournaments in the greater Minneapolis/St Paul Area from April to June. Let us know if you have a child interested in playing AAU basketball!

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