St. Cloud is one of Minnesota’s fastest growing metropolitan areas.  We have the talent and resources businesses need to innovate, grow, and succeed in a rapidly changing economy.

St. Cloud’s automation sector spans numerous industries, each adopting leading edge technologies in robotics, material handling, edge and cloud computing, and industrial IoT.  

Home to over 300 manufacturing businesses, 400 industrial engineers, and 24,700 college students, St. Cloud is an unparalleled strategic investment for automation innovation.

Leading Automation Employers - St. Cloud MSA

  • Aubright - Plastic Product Manufacturing
  • Central McGowan - Custom Automation and Industrial Supplier
  • Geringhoff - Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
  • Dubow Textiles - Textile Embroidery
  • New Flyer of America - Heavy Duty Bus Manufacturing
  • Woodcraft Industries - Wood Cabinets/Millworking

Talent Access

Access to talent and training is critical to your business.  St. Cloud Technical & Community College and     St. Cloud State University offer technician programs in automation engineering, mechanical engineering, and instrumentation, as well as degrees in computer and computer software engineering.

Business Leader Highlight

Central McGowan is one of the only Minnesota distributors with robotic technology and automation
capabilities and is able to design, manufacture, install, program, train, and maintain an automation
package to serve over 20+ industries—from welding to manufacturing to medical to food and beverage.

central mcgowan