Fitness Classes

Commit to your health today with our NEW Fitness Plus classes at the Whitney Recreation Center, led by Personal Trainer Lori Dingmann.  Get your cardio and strength training in before you start your day!

Looking for something more one-on-one? Register for personal training sessions!

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, water bottle, and weights/bands if you want added resistance. Face masks required. Classes begin the week of February 8th! Register today, spots are limited!

Whitney Recreation Center Fitness Plus Flyer (PDF)

WHIT Fit Camp: Wellness - Health - Inclusive - Thrive! - All Ages

FIT Camp is a blend of cardio moves, body weight exercises and speed/agility elements within each class session delivered in a circuit format. Your body will be challenged with this interval training - bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. Work at your own pace as your trainer takes you through a series of both strength training and cardio full body movements that'll have you sweating and your muscles burning. Feel strong, powerful, and accomplished leaving our FIT camp. All levels encouraged. Trainer will provide high and low intensity options.

DaysDatesTimeCostLocationMax Participants
(6 Week Program)
6:30 - 7:15am$60Whitney Recreation Center25
WHIT Fit Camp photo showing a woman in a fitness class doing a plank exercise
Core/Cardio Mega Mix photo showing men and women high fiving after a work out

Core/Cardio Mega Mix - All Ages

This cardio class with an emphasis on the core will improve your balance and agility while sweating it all out with a mega mix of High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata, and Kardio Kick. Movement can be low impact or high impact depending on your level, but ALL will come out of class with a core afterburn and a sweaty smile!

DaysDatesTimeCostLocationMax Participants
Tu/Th2/9-3/18/20216:30 - 7:15am$40Whitney Recreation Center25

Personal Training

Personal training is just that - personal. There is no "one size fits all" approach so part of your personal training session will include an assessment of your readiness for change and lifestyle health history. From the assessment, together we will make a plan with action steps and tools to achieve goals related to nutrition, exercise, mindset, and habits. You will be introduced to concepts like exercise sets and reps, target heart rate and form, and function. Your personal health is an investment we would like to support through empathy, respect, and individualization.

Times to be arranged with your Trainer$35 per hour session

Lori Dingmann, Fitness Coach at Whitney Center,pictured sitting cross-legged in her athletic wear.

About Lori Dingmann

Lori is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, is AED/CPR/First Aid and Allegra Learning Solutions Mindful certified. Lori's passion lies in fitness, coaching and teaching, focusing on motivating clients to make manageable steps toward developing excitement and ownership of their health and wellness. 

I energize clients to set and meet their personalized goals. As a trainer and coach, I will aim to encourage you, support you, and help you discover your true wellness potential.

Contact Lori:
Phone: (320)255-7276