Fitness Classes

Commit to your health today with our NEW Fitness Plus classes at the Whitney Recreation Center, led by Personal Trainers Lori Dingmann and Falisha Winkleblack.  Get your cardio and strength training in before you start your day, or wrap up the day with some fun "me time!"

Looking for something more one-on-one? Register for personal training sessions!

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, water bottle, and weights/bands if you want added resistance. Register today, spots are limited!

Want to try out a class before you commit? Or can't make it to every class? Try one day for free, and once you're hooked, register for the full class, attend daily for $3.50, or buy a 10 punch pass (mix and match classes!) for $32.50.

Whitney Recreation Center Fitness Plus Flyer (PDF)

Family/Kid's Classes

Looking for fitness classes for your kids to try out - with or without you? Check out our Kid's and Family Fitness Classes!

WHIT Fit Camp: Wellness - Health - Inclusive - Thrive! - All Ages

FIT Camp is a blend of cardio moves, body weight exercises and speed/agility elements within each class session delivered in a circuit format. Your body will be challenged with this interval training - bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. Work at your own pace as your trainer takes you through a series of both strength training and cardio full body movements that'll have you sweating and your muscles burning. Feel strong, powerful, and accomplished leaving our FIT camp. All levels encouraged. Trainer will provide high and low intensity options.


  • One, 1:1 30 minute personal training session in the fitness room, with additional one hour sessions available at $35 per hour
  • WHIT Packet outlining basic NUTRITION guidance, positive mindset, and developing healthy habits

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, water bottle, and weights/bands if you want added resistance.

Session I
M/W/F9/13-10/22/20216:15 - 7am$60Whitney Recreation Center
Session II
M/W/F10/25-12/3/20216:15 - 7am$60Whitney Recreation Center
Session II
M/W/F12/6/2021-1/14/2022 (No class 12/24)6:15 - 7am$60Whitney Recreation Center
A class participant works on parallel bars in the Whitney Recreation Center Gym

Core/Cardio Mega Mix - All Ages

This cardio class with an emphasis on the core will improve your balance and agility while sweating it all out with a mega mix of High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata, and Kardio Kick. Movement can be low impact or high impact depending on your level, but ALL will come out of class with a core afterburn and a sweaty smile!

Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, water bottle, and weights/bands if you want added resistance.

Session I
Tu/Th9/14-10/21/20216:15 - 7am$40Whitney Recreation Center
Session II
Tu/Th10/26-12/2/2021 (No class 11/25)6:15-7am$40Whitney Recreation Center
Session III
Tu/Th12/7/2021-1/13/20226:15 - 7am$40Whitney Recreation Center


Ditch the workout, join the party! Zumba Fitness is a fusion of Latin and International inspired music and dance movements, creating a dynamic, exhilarating, exciting and effective fitness program for all ages! This total workout combines all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class!

Please bring your own towel, water bottle and an openness to letting go - and just dance!

Session IM/W9/13-10/20/20216:15 - 7:15pm$40Whitney Recreation Center
Session IIM/W10/25-12/1/20216:15-7:15pm$40Whitney Recreation Center
Session IIIM/W12/6/2021-1/12/20226:15 - 7:15pm$40Whitney Recreation Center
Photo shows group of adults dancing in a workout studio
A group of women talk to each other as they walk across a bridge in a park.

Walking Programs

Kick off your fitness journey and join us for our new Walk It Wednesdays! Participants will be guided by a personal trainer who will incorporate flexibility, balance, and agility into each one-hour session. The many benefits of a walking program include connecting to old and new faces, socializing, improved general fitness, weight loss and a consistent exercise schedule. Walking in groups also has mental benefits, enhances enjoyment, and improves moods.  Please dress for the outdoor elements, wear proper walking/hiking shoes and socks, and bring a water bottle.

Session I: Explore the St Cloud Parks with St Cloud Park and Rec TREK

An opportunity to explore local park trails, participants will be guided through each park by a personal trainer who will incorporate flexibility, balance and agility into this one hour hike.    The many benefits of a walking program include being outside, connecting to old and new faces, socializing, improved general fitness, weight loss and a consistent exercise schedule. Walking in groups also has mental benefits, enhances enjoyment and improves moods.  Please dress for the outdoor elements, wear proper walking/hiking shoes and socks and bring a water bottle.

Session II: Concentrate on Stretching and Mindfulness with WHIT FIT Walking and Flexibility

Perfect for those looking to stretch, move and meet new people during those cold winter days.  Choose your walking rate and intensity, while sharing in the camaraderie and connections with fellow walkers.  Participants will be led in a warm up and cool down stretch routine, while discussing heart health, strengthening of muscles and bones, preservation of lean muscle, metabolism, energy boost and relaxation/stress release and so much more!  Bring comfortable, supportive walking shoes and a water bottle.  

Session III: WHIT FIT Yoga Walk

Join this ultimate fitness fusion of Walking and Yoga which will not only tone your body but will stretch your muscles, alleviate pain and improve your walking.  This a great way for walkers to become more flexible, build strength, and feel amazing, while preventing injuries and soreness. Yoga also can complement the mood boosting effects of walking by allowing you to focus on breathing and relaxation while you stretch.   Participants will be led in the art of mindful walking by linking the breath with movement, a midway strengthen and lengthen yoga focus, followed by, stretching and relaxation.  Bring comfortable, supportive walking shoes and a water bottle

IWednesday10/6-11/10/218:30-9:30amLocations TBD$30
IIWednesday12/1-12/29/218:30-9:30amWhitney Recreation Center$30
IIIWednesday1/12-2/16/228:30-9:30amWhitney Recreation Center$30

WHIT Nutrition Series

Join us on the first Tuesday of the month to work through the challenge of having fun at special occasions without jeopardizing some of the healthy practices you are developing and/or have worked on throughout the year. Participants will receive a WHIT packet outlining basic nutrition guidance, positive mindset, and strategies for developing healthy habits.  

Session I: Where Do I Start?

 Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be as scary as Halloween!  Where do I start?  You will learn about a balanced, nutritional plate, build a healthy breakfast, meal and snack, use tips, tricks and even some treats to make better food choices for you and your family.  

Session II: Food Planning 101

Make a plan you can be thankful for – creating a plan before heading to the store can help you get organized, save money and choose healthier options.  You will learn how to plan an entire week of nutritious meals, make a grocery list and execute your food plan.  In addition, you will learn how to eat on the go when things do not go as planned.  Life is messy!

Session III: Holiday Menu Planning

Prep the halls – design a healthy, holiday menu including dessert and learn about food prep tools and storage to get through the busy December days.  Dazzle your family with your creativity, organization and healthy living…even before the New Year!

ITuesday10/19 - Date change!6-7pmWhitney Recreation Center$25
IITuesday11/26-7pmWhitney Recreation Center$25
IIITuesday12/76-7pmWhitney Recreation Center$25

Photo shows a selection of healthy fruits and vegetables for a meal.
Fitness Coach encourages a participant in an exercise at Whitney Recreation Center Gym

Personal Training

Personal training is just that - personal. There is no "one size fits all" approach so part of your personal training session will include an assessment of your readiness for change and lifestyle health history. From the assessment, together we will make a plan with action steps and tools to achieve goals related to nutrition, exercise, mindset, and habits. You will be introduced to concepts like exercise sets and reps, target heart rate and form, and function. Your personal health is an investment we would like to support through empathy, respect, and individualization.

Times to be arranged with your Trainer$35 per hour session

Lori Dingmann, Fitness Coach at Whitney Center,pictured sitting cross-legged in her athletic wear.

About Lori Dingmann

Lori is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, is AED/CPR/First Aid and Allegra Learning Solutions Mindful certified. Lori's passion lies in fitness, coaching and teaching, focusing on motivating clients to make manageable steps toward developing excitement and ownership of their health and wellness. 

I energize clients to set and meet their personalized goals. As a trainer and coach, I will aim to encourage you, support you, and help you discover your true wellness potential.

Contact Lori:
Phone: (320)255-7276

About Falisha Winkleblack

Certified Zumba Instructor, ACE Certified Group Instructor 

My name is Falisha! I have been a group fitness instructor for over three years now fulfilling my passion of dance and fitness all in one. Zumba is a big passion of mine, which has allowed me to meet beautiful people and help them feel confident and comfortable in their skin all while getting a great workout! I’m currently pursuing my personal training and  nutritional coach certification and I’m very excited to help all participants have a great time and reach their goals!  

Contact Falisha:
Phone: (320)255-7276