Water Treatment Facility Improvement Project

Water Treatment Facility Advanced Process Improvements and Upgrades Project

The  Water Treatment Facility Improvement Project include installation of ozone generation equipment; converting the existing dual filter media to granular activated carbon (GAC) and converting to biologically active carbon (BAC) filters; addition of UV reactors for primary disinfection in lieu of free chlorine.  Chloramines will still be used for secondary disinfection in the distribution system. 

Upgrades will include treatment process improvements, and replacement of equipment installed in the 1990s as they are nearing or at the end of their expected useful life. Rendered image of bike trail and bridge with flowers and grass in front of stone and glass building

Some of the items scheduled for replacement include the south traveling water screen in the Intake Station; replacement of the roof membrane systems for the Intake Station and the portion of the Water Treatment Facility  buried under Hester Park; and chlorine feed and safety upgrades.

Upon completion, 5th Avenue will reopen as a south bound, one-way street. The RiverWalk will be completed in front of the Water Treatment Facility. The connection to the Wobegon Trail will also be completed at this time. 

Project Timeline

Graphic Timeline for Improvement Project 2020 to 2023

Water Treatment Facility Construction Newsletter

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