Parking on Private Property

Approved and Unapproved Parking Surfaces

The City of St. Cloud Land Development Code requires that the parking of licensed vehicles on private property be in compliance with City ordinances. Some rules to keep in mind regarding approved and unapproved parking surfaces on private property.

  • Unapproved Surfaces: 
    • Grass
    • Dirt
    • Gravel
  • All parking within the front yard must be located on a driveway or driveway approach and must be on an improved all-weather surface.
  • Vehicles may not block sidewalks or public streets.
  • Parking is permitted within the side and rear yards provided that all parking is on an improved all-weather surface and meets the setback requirements of the Land Development Code.
  • Approved and Improved all-weather surfaces are:
    • Concrete
    • Brick
    • Blacktop
    • Asphalt

Licensed vehicles that are parked on unimproved surfaces on private property will be issued citations immediately by Parking Enforcement.