Building Inspector Recruitment


To be eligible to participate in the Building Inspector recruiting process, applicants must meet the minimum requirements located in the job description

General Information

Application for Employment for Building Inspector 

Union Contract


Health Insurance:

For 2020, the employer will pay 100% of the monthly premium for single insurance coverage and 90% of the monthly premium for family insurance coverage.  

Community and Benefits Package

Leave Benefits:

  • 96 hours paid vacation per year, increases over time
  • 8 hours paid sick leave per calendar month
  • 12 paid holidays per calendar year
  • 1 personal day per calendar year

Additional Benefits:

  • Health Flexible Spending Account
  • Employer/employee paid pension through PERA
  • Employee assistance program
  • Longevity pay after five years of service
  • Cell phone discounts with participating vendors
  • St. Cloud Federal Credit Union deductions
  • Deferred compensation plans

Wellness Program:

The City’s Wellness Program is designed to be an employee-centered program to promote healthy living by educating, motivating and assisting employees to reduce health risks. The long-term goals of the Wellness Program are to improve employee’s quality of life, to decrease health care costs and to increase employee morale and productivity. The program rewards eligible employees with incentives for participation in wellness activities.