Park Shelter FAQ's

St. Cloud Park and Recreation

Park Shelters Frequently Asked Questions

How can I permit a special event in a city park?

The first step for any event hosted in a city park is to complete a Park Special Events Application. If your event involves using anything outside park boundaries, you must also obtain a Special Events Permit application from the City Clerk's office. All special events that are permitted with the Park and Recreation Department are required to submit a certificate of liability insurance that names the City of St. Cloud as an additional insured.  

If I want to have a picnic or gathering at a city park, do I need to reserve the shelter?

If you group includes more than 50 people, you are required to obtain a permit from the Park and Recreation Department. Additionally, if the park you are using has a shelter, you would be required to rent that shelter.  Shelter reservations are taken for the current and the next calendar year.  Complete the Shelter Request online or contact Steve Krueger by email or by calling 320-650-3053.  

Does St. Cloud provide special rates for non-profits for shelter rentals?

We are not able to offer special rates for non-profit organizations; however, you may not pay sales tax if your non-profit has tax exempt status.  Pricing listed in our fees and charges for park shelter rentals does not include tax.

How can I pay for my shelter rental?

We accept forms of payments including cash, check, cashier’s check, money order and credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover). After making a reservation, a contract is either mailed or emailed to you, whichever you prefer.  After receiving the contract, you would initial, sign, date and return it with payment within 10 business days.  You may either mail it back with a check, cashier’s check or money order or return the contract only by mail or email and call 320-650-3053 to make a payment over the phone with credit card. Additionally, you can return the contract and payment to the Whitney Recreation Center Gym Office or the Lake George Municipal Complex Business Office during regular business hours.

How much does it cost to rent a park shelter?

Review posted Park Shelter Rental and Permit Fees

How do I get into the shelters?

Shelters at Riverside and Wilson Parks have an attendant on duty during your rental. The attendant will open the shelter for your group 15 minutes before the stated arrival time on your contract. The shelter at Lions Park requires that the renter check out a key at the Whitney Recreation Center or Lake George Municipal Complex during normal business hours. This requires a $100 damage/key deposit; the deposit is returned to you when the key is returned.  The shelter at Knights of Columbus Park is an open-air type shelter and does not require a key.

How do I know which side I get when I am renting half of the Riverside or Wilson Shelters?

Renters may choose the side they want on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is alcohol allowed?

City ordinance states that beer or wine, packaged only in its original glass-free container, will be allowed at Riverside, Wilson or Lions Parks. Keg beer (limit one) is only allowed at Riverside or Wilson Parks with a special permit obtained with your rental contract.

Am I responsible for cleaning up?

When renting one of our park shelters you are responsible for your own setup before your event and the cleanup after your event. You will need to make sure to allow time for both setup and cleanup within the stated rental period on your contract.