Highbanks Ravine

The Highbanks Ravine historically existed as the primary drainage path for Lake George and a portion of downtown St. Cloud. As the City developed, Lake George decreased in size and most of the ravine was replaced with stormdrain pipe. Currently, the ravine receives runoff from approximately 125 acres. The ravine is approximately 690 feet long, and 40-feet deep with very steep side slopes. The steep slopes are unstable and continue to erode causing bank failures as well as safety and water quality concerns. 

The Highbanks Ravine Improvement project is planned to be completed in 2022. The project will re-route runoff form the existing storm drain pipe system out from the ravine and into a new storm drain pipe system directly to the Mississippi River. Erosion repairs will occur in the ravine and the bat cave will be improved. View the below to read more about the project

Stormdrain outfall in wooded ravine in woods