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Energy Updates

EV charging pole, sign and protective bollards in front of grass and treesRiverside Park Electric Vehicle Chargers

St. Cloud has installed 2 new Level 2 charging stations at Riverside Park (1725 Kilian Boulevard, St. Cloud, MN 56304).

The installation of these new level 2 charging stations is the start of St. Cloud’s vision to vastly increase public electric vehicle   charging access for the community. More accessible charging can ease range anxiety and make the community more familiar with electric vehicles. 

St. Cloud’s municipal fleet is also working on long-term plans to convert to the use of electric vehicles. 


Pilot Projects and Research

St. Cloud is the site of a TGrey machinery in front of blue dumpsterri-County Solid Waste Commission ‘Food Waste-to-Energy’ pilot project, reducing food waste in landfills and creating clean energy.

 During the Food Waste to Energy Pilot Project, food waste is collected from local sources, de-packaged and removed of contaminants using technology from a Minnesota based company. The waste is processed through  St. Cloud’s anaerobic digesters.

Reducing the amount of food waste in landfills presents an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, increase landfill capacity, generate renewable energy from previously wasted food and beneficially reuse the food’s nutrients.

Other upcoming pilots include Renewable Natural Gas and Green Hydrogen projects to more fully recover valuable, renewable resources from treated water and generate clean energy.  

Mayor Dave Kleis Celebrates St. Cloud’s Energy Work and Announces New Energy Goals

Text describing energy goals listed in "Energy Updates" section

In 2015, the City of St. Cloud launched their energy efficiency and renewable energy work. The program allowed St. Cloud to meet their energy goals. Over 100% of the electrical demand required to provide City services is powered by renewable energy.  In 2021, the City utilized renewable energy sources for all 30 million kilowatt-hours of energy needed annually to provide city services. 

Since 2015, the City has saved over $6 million in reduced energy costs and over 94,000 metric tons of carbon emissions reductions due to energy efficiency work, renewable energy generation and community solar garden subscriptions. Annual energy savings are at $1.5 million and growing.  Reduced energy costs for city services provided keeps user rates and taxes low.

St. Cloud is now expanding our energy goals to cover the entire St. Cloud community. By 2028, the goal is to have all St. Cloud electrical energy use be carbon neutral, and by 2038, we aim to be carbon neutral for energy use and transportation. 

For more information on St. Cloud’s energy work and goals please contact Tracy Hodel, Public Services Director at 320-255-7225.  

St. Cloud in the News

Biofuel Recovery Project

 The St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Facility has installed biofuel conditioning equipment and a generator, to convert biofuel to electricity. Heat produced by the generator is recovered and used to heat buildings and the digestion process.

 Biofuel to Electricity - How Does it Work?

 Organic wastes carry energy to the digestion process. The digestion process extracts this energy in the form of biofuel. The biofuel feeds boilers to heat buildings and an engine-driven generator to produce electricity. The biofuel harvesting project converts organic wastes to renewable energy.

City of Saint Cloud's Solar Energy Sites

Take a virtual tour of the City of St. Cloud's sources of solar energy. 

The City gets solar energy from solar arrays mounted on city-owned properties as well as community solar gardens. 

There are 7 city facilities with onsite solar panels, which produce over 1,000,000 kWh's annually. That's enough to power over 120 houses! St. Cloud is also subscribed to over 22,000,000 kWh's of energy from community solar gardens. 

Take the tour and explore the solar energy sites here.

Aerial Photo of the  St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Facility and it's Solar Farm