Opportunity Zones

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What are Opportunity Zones?

Opportunity Zones are census tracts designated by state and federal governments for a new economic development initiative that will remain in place for 10 years.  The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act created this incentive to direct investment into historically disadvantages communities and neighborhoods.  It provides tax benefits to holders of capital gains if they invest return in designated zones.  

Where are Opportunity Zones?

Minnesota has 128 designated Opportunity Zone census tracts out of over 8,700 in every state and territory across the country.  Of Minnesota’s 128 zones, three zones are in the City of St. Cloud.  Click here to see a pdf map of the three zones.  

What is an Opportunity Fund?

An investment vehicle that is organized as a corporation or a partnership for investing in Opportunity Zone projects or sites.  To quality for these incentives, investments must be made through a qualified Opportunity Fund.  

Why Invest in Opportunity Funds?

  • A Temporary Deferral - Defer the payment of your capital gains until December 31, 2026.
  • A Reduction - Reduce the tax you owe by up to 15% after 7 years.
  • An Exemption - Pay zero tax on gains earned from the Opportunity Fund investment.

Benton County

Gateways to Growth in St. Cloud - Prominent Location Spurs Initial Investment, Helping Redevelopment Get a Start with Runnings and The Shoppes at Lincoln Place

Zone includes U.S. Highway 10 (24,000+ VPD) and MN Highway 23 (15,000+ VPD) BNSF Railway, east side of St. Cloud’s downtown (outlined in yellow above), and “Certified Shovel Ready” St. Cloud Airport Business Park.  Click here for the St. Cloud Airport Business Park sell sheet.  This zone offers commercial/residential investment opportunity in three catalyst redevelopment sites featured in the "2019 East End Vision", industrial investment opportunity in the St. Cloud Airport Business Park, and commercial investment opportunity along the U.S. Highway 10 and MN Highway 23 corridors.  Click here for more information about the 2019 East End Vision.

Sherburne County

Zone includes U.S. Highway 10 (25,000+ VPD), BNSF Railway, and St. Benedicts Senior Community.  This zone offers investment opportunity in affordable housing and commercial and industrial investment along the U.S. Highway 10 corridor.  Click here for the Comprehensive Housing Needs Analysis for Sherburne County, MN.

Stearns County

Zone includes MN Highway 23 (32,000+ VPD), west side of St. Cloud’s downtown (outlined in yellow above), River’s Edge Convention Center, and St. Cloud State University (daily population of 14,000+ students).  This zone offers investment opportunity in multiple catalyst  sites for office and hotel development (shown in black stars above) as identified in the City’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan.  Click here for the Lady Slipper Lot Catalyst Site. Click here for the North Downtown Riverfront Catalyst Site.