Utility Service Form

Needing to establish or terminate utility services with the City of St Cloud? Please complete the Service Form.

Recycling & Garbage Credit Form

If your property was vacant/unoccupied for 60 days or more, you may request a credit for your recycling (and garbage bin) fee(s). Please complete the Credit Form

Relative Homestead/Property Mgmt "Authorization to Bill" Form

Please complete this online fillable form, or download & print a form if you would like the utility account to be put in the name of a property management company, OR in the person who is claiming homestead status for the property in which you own.

Refuse (Garbage) Carts

Residents can sign up for weekly 95-gallon cart service for a charge of $31.50 per month ($63.00 per bill--every 2 months) plus a recycling/pass-by fee. The fee for this service is included on the resident’s bi-monthly City utility bill. The City provides the 95-gallon cart at no additional charge; however, the customer will be responsible for the replacement cost of the cart should it become damaged, lost or stolen. Cart service customers must use City refuse bags for the disposal of any refuse that exceeds the cart capacity. Customers must also use clear City bags or self-haul options for yard waste disposal, as yard waste cannot be placed in the cart. You must be the owner of the property where service is requested in order to sign up for the cart service. Per City Ordinance Section 244:15, "all non-homesteaded rental properties eligible for municipal refuse service shall utilize the 90 gallon refuse cart."

AGREEMENT form (online submission)     

TERMINATION form (online submission)