Sign Projects

Sign Project Information
Sign permits are required for all permanent and temporary signs. Only a sign hanger that is licensed with the city of St. Cloud can obtain sign permits for permanent signs. See Contractor Licensing and Mechanical Exam Forms for additional information on getting licensed. Property owners, tenants (with a letter from the property owner), or licensed sign hangers can obtain permits for temporary signs.

Window Signs
Signs that are placed on the interior of a window do not require a sign permit. Signs that are placed on the exterior of a window do require a sign permit.

Cabinet Signs
Refacing of cabinet signs do not require a permit. If you are completely replacing the cabinet (even if it is the same size), a sign permit is needed.

Additional Signs
Separate electrical permits (obtained by a licensed electrician) are required for any wiring work for lighted signs.

Sign Permit Information
Permits shall become invalid unless the work is commenced within 180 days after its issuance, or if the work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days after the time the work is commenced. 
Sign Permits
Download the Sign Permit Application (PDF) online.

Temporary Business Sign Permits
Download the Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF) online.
Sign Permit Fees 
Download the Sign Erectors, Signs and Sign Inspection document (PDF) online.

Sign Project Informational Documents