Utility Rates & Billing Information (Summary)

The City of St Cloud utilities are billed bi-monthly:  NORTH side on the odd months (Jan., Mar., May, Jul., Sep., Nov.), and SOUTH side on the even months (Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec.).  Bills are typically processed and mailed by the 5th of each month, and are DUE on the date stated on your bill.

Water & Sewer Rates

Water is billed based on meter readings, or estimated according to historical usage if no reading is obtained.  The water rate has a fixed rate of $17.00 bi-monthly PLUS usage charge: units 1-4 $1.00 per unit; units 5-8 $4.00 per unit; and 9 units or more $4.50 per unit.  [NOTE: 1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 750 gallons]

The sewer rate for 2023 is $3.90 per unit, with a minimum charge of $13.60/bill with smallest meter size.  The City sets the sewer rate based on your water consumption when your meter is read in February (north side) and March (south side).  The sewer charge remains that same amount for the next 6 billing cycles.

Refuse, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collection and Disposal

Charges for City refuse, recycling, and yard waste collection and disposal services will be as follows (for more specific Q&A please visit Public Works):
Monthly Refuse & Recycling Service
  • (a) $7.30 pass-by fee per dwelling unit per month for bag and recycling system service (plus $2.25 per each City refuse bag, purchased by resident).  The pass-by fee shall be automatically added to each residential utility account.  The pass-by fee shall not be waived for those residents who do not wish to recycle.
  • (b) $31.50 per month for each refuse (garbage) cart.  
  • (c) Replacement refuse or recycling carts will be provided at the actual cart purchase price, including taxes, plus a $10.00 administrative and delivery fee.
Special Pick-ups
  • (a) Household rubbish / Special Pick-up fee: $40.00 for collection of up to 2 cubic yards (3 ft. x 3 ft. x 6 ft.) of household rubbish. $20.00 collection fee per each additional cubic yard of rubbish.
Yard Waste Service
Compost Site Permits
  • (a) R1 PERMIT: $25.00 per parcel per year (use of this permit is limited to residents/parcels that are currently customers of the City Sanitation Division).
  • (b) R2 PERMIT: $35.00 per parcel per year (this permit is for the use of City residents/parcels that are not currently customers of the City sanitation Division).
  • (c) NR PERMITS: $45.00 per parcel per year (this permit is for the use of residents/parcels in neighboring cities).
  • (d) Replacement Permits: $5.00

Street Light  Utility Fee

Every property within the City shall be charged for a fair and equitable share of the cost to provide, operate, and maintain the city-wide street lighting system. Charges shall be apportioned according to property use and service.  For specific information and details, please visit this Public Works page regarding street lights. Please contact our Engineering Department @ 320-255-7249 with any questions about this fee.

Stormwater Utility Fee

In April 2004 the City of St. Cloud implemented a Stormwater Utility fee to provide a dedicated funding source for new State & Federal regulations related to stormwater discharges into area waterways, including: ponds, wetlands, rivers & lakes. These new regulations required the City to implement measures to protect and improve the quality of surface waters.

The stormwater utility revenue is primarily used to pay for the cost of water quality education, street sweeping, and other activities directed at protecting surface water quality.  These activities are mandated by the State of Minnesota, and benefit all properties in the City.  Please contact our Water Department @ 320-255-7225 with any questions about this fee.

Safe Drinking Water Fee   (annual fee)

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) ensures that public water systems meet the requirements of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  In 1986, the SDWA required testing for 23 drinking water contaminants.  By 1992, this number had increased to 83.  There were no federal funds available to help with the increased costs for this additional testing.  To help cover the new costs, the 1992 Minnesota Legislature authorized MDH to assess a few to community water systems.  Over time, the number of tested contaminants increased to 188.  They now include: microbes, lead, pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and radionuclides.  We also face added costs from addressing new threats to drinking water, like pharmaceuticals and harmful algai blooms.  The fee funds MDH's regulatory and technical assistance services for public drinking water systems.  Our staff across the state build relationships with drinking water operators that result in extensive knowledge, trust, and a willingness to take action to prevent a violation of the safe drinking water standards.  This cost-effective assistance results in over 99% compliance with SDWA standards year after year.

As of January 1, 2020, this fee is $9.72 annually, per service connection, and is billed on the October (south side address) and November (north side address) utility bills.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • On July 1st each year, any unpaid amounts more than 30 days past due will be considered for certification to the County Auditor for collection.  A $50.00 (fifty dollar) charge will be added to all accounts certified to the County Auditor's office for collection.  This fee is to be considered separate and distinct from any penalty or interest that may be charged by the County as a result of the certification.
  • A penalty in the amount of $20.00 (twenty dollars) or 7.5% of the balance--whichever is greater--shall be added to all Public Utilities accounts not paid in full by the due date.  The penalty for late payment shall be added to the balance for which the account remains unpaid.
  • A $30.00 (thirty dollars) service fee will be assessed to any dishonored payments.