eTRAKiT Warning
This webpage is for information on using the City's Electronic Permitting System.  Currently contractors can log into the system and see existing permits.  You CANNOT currently apply for all permits online, updates for permits available in eTRAKiT will be posted in "Available eTRAKiT Permit Types" below.  The City is working on setting up the system so contractors can apply for permits online. 

Contractor Log In

Currently contractors can log into eTRAKiT to see their permits that were issued after November 1st, 2016, and required inspections for those permits.

Available eTRAKiT Permit Types

Updates will be added here when Permit Types become available in eTRAKiT.
  • Electrical permits will be available through the eTRAKiT system for electrical contractors starting on 7/3/2017.  See link in left column for information.