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The eTrakIT "Complaint Submittal" system allows citizens to provide the City information and access that information in the future to track progress and resolutions.
With the eTrakIT system, you will be able to:
  • Report an issue/complaint (anonymously or by identifying yourself)
  • Track status updates for issues you submitted
  • Search a map to view all reported issues
St. Cloud Complaint Submittal
Click above to report a complaint online.
​Create a user name and password to track and search your submitted issues.
CRM Steps v5
Information that helps the City address your issue:
  • Location: Where is the issue happening?  This is important so we know where to inspect!  If you don't know the address, try to describe the location in the complaint description.
  • Description: What exactly is the issue or condition?  Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Photos: If appropriate, take a photo of the issue for easy upload.  Provide a description so we know what we're looking at.
  • Time Frame: How long has this issue/condition existed or when did you first notice it?

IMPORTANT: If you have an emergency, please call 911. If you have a non-emergency request that needs immediate attention, please call the Police Non-Emergency Dispatch 320-251-1200.

For general inquiries please complete the General Inquiry Form.