St. Cloud Arts Award

The Arts Award was created to recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations whose contributions to the arts have made our community a better place to live.  Eligible Arts Awards recipients include: individual visual artists, literary artists, performing artists, arts organizations, and art supporters including, but not limited to, volunteers, board members, educators, leaders, and philanthropists.

The Arts Award is presented annually before the Lemonade Concert at the Granite City Days opening ceremonies
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  7. 2010
  8. 2009
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Carolyn Garven

Carolyn Garven is a dedicated arts advocate, volunteer, patron, and donor to the arts in the St. Cloud Community. She has been instrumental in raising the profile of public art in our community. From her time as a champion of the arts on the St. Cloud City Council, to her work with the North East Wilson Park Neighborhood Association, Carolyn has advocated for the inclusion of artists and their creativity in transforming our public spaces. In addition to this, she has given generously of her time and resources to many of our local arts organizations, from the Paramount Center for the Arts, to GREAT Theatre and as a long-standing member of the St. Cloud Arts Commission.

The St. Cloud Arts Commission is honored to recognize Carolyn Garven as the 2016 City of St. Cloud Arts Award in recognition of her wonderful contributions to the arts in our community.