Parking Information & Enforcement

Parking Control Unit

The mission of the Parking Control Unit is to provide adequate parking control and general safety for pedestrians and vehicles through aggressive enforcement of the parking ordinances.

Duties of the Parking Control Unit include, but are not limited to:

  • Routine parking enforcement
  • Parking and traffic direction at large events
  • Attending parking violation appeals hearings
  • Picking up abandoned bicycles  
  • Assisting Police Officers as needed.


  • Is there a vehicle that is junked or abandoned on a street near your home? The Parking Control unit can help.
  • Parking enforcement changes on City Holidays. Be sure to keep these dates in mind.
  • There are different rules in St. Cloud for parking on private property versus parking on public streets. Learning these rules will help you avoid receiving a ticket.
  • When a Snow Emergency is declared, parking enforcement is key for snow removal. Learn what a Snow Emergency is and how it affects your parking abilities.
  • Winter weather in Minnesota can make roads trickier to navigate if snow removal is not done well. Parking appropriately helps snow removal be most affective. See more details about Winter Parking Regulations.
  • Time Limit Parking can get easily confused. Be sure to understand how it works to avoid a ticket.

Parking in St. Cloud

  • Visit the St. Cloud Parking Page for more information, including permit information, procedures and regulations, parking maps, and road construction projects.
  • Planning to go downtown to visit many of our local, small businesses? Learn about the three types of parking in the downtown area of St. Cloud, by visiting our downtown parking page. This page also has information about parking permits, parking ramps and pay stations.
Parking Control Unit