Fraud & Identity Theft Prevention

Listed below are tips and other information that may help prevent fraud and identity theft.

Caller ID and Spoofing
Do Not Call list
Have you looked at your Credit Report lately? (PDF)
How to dispute bogus credit, debit and ATM card charges (PDF)
Identity Theft
Child Identity Theft
Protect Personal Information (PDF)
Reducing Unwanted Calls and Junk Mail (PDF)
What to do if your Identity is stolen
What to do if your personal information is lost or exposed 
The Equifax Data Breach - What to Do
How to spot a fake I.D.

Here is a video from the Federal Trade Commission that walks you through the steps to take if your information was part of a data breach. Click on this link. 
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Justice Programs, provides resources and guidance to victims of Identity Theft within Minnesota. Click on this link.

The St. Cloud Police Department's Fraud, Forgery and Financial Transaction Card procedures are found here. Click on this link.
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