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Water Meter Upgrade Project

Project SummaryGraphic illustration of water meter network connected to computers

The City is upgrading all water meters. The new metering system will provide real time information for water use improving your ability to use water wisely. 

The new system will transmit readings multiple times each day and transmit error codes that will help to identify leaks or other problems to increase customer service.

There is no cost for the replacement, but you are required to have your water meter replaced.

To install the new water meter:Graphic illustration of water meter

  • Ferguson Waterworks will need to access to the meter inside your home or business.
  • The water meter area should be clear and accessible.
  • An adult 18 years old or older must be present at the time of installation.

A two-hour block of time will be scheduled.  The installer will complete the meter installation work within the two-hour time frame.  The installation should take approximately one hour.

Ferguson Waterworks company logo

Ferguson Waterworks was selected based on their experience as a meter installation contractor.      All installers will have identification, wear uniforms, travel in marked vehicles and have completed background checks.

This is a four-year project with expected completion in 2024. The City of St. Cloud and Ferguson Waterworks thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this a successful program.

Scheduling Your Meter Replacement

Please do not schedule an appointment until you have received the notice in the mail.

 The city will be divided into zones with installations focused in one area for efficiency. Ferguson Waterworks will begin to schedule appointments in in early June. Notifications will be sent by US Postal Service to each address in the current zone. Appointments must be scheduled within two weeks of receiving the notice.

ALL appointments will be scheduled through the city's contractor, Ferguson Waterworks. 

Graphic illustration of phone

Call for an appointment: 1-855-848-2836 

Graphic illustration of planet and computer cursor

Visit the website: 

Graphic illustration of calendar

Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request


City water account owners will receive the following notices:

1. Notice to Schedule Appointment

If an appointment has not been made within two weeks of the first notice, a second notice will be mailed to the account owner's address.

2. 2nd Notice to Schedule Appointment

If an appointment still has not been made within two weeks of the second notice, a third notice will be mailed.

3. 3rd Notice to Schedule Appointment

The third letter will be a reminder to schedule your appointment within five days. If you do not schedule an appointment, your water service may be disconnected in accordance with Ordinance 245:25 Subd. 4 (g). If your water service is disconnected, service will not be restored until your water meter is replaced (no cost) and turn off/on fees are paid.  Section 575:90. Water-Turn On/Off. An additional charge of Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.00) shall be collected for turning on or off any water service between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. A charge of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) will be made for any service after hours and weekends. Delinquent accounts will only be turned on during the hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

4. Final Notice

A final 48-hour notice and a door-hanger placed on the front door of the residence or business before the water is turned off.

Map of meter replacement zones in St. Cloud, MN

What should I expect when my meter is changed?

Roughly 30-90 minutes to change out the meter and transmitter (depending on accessibility and condition of the pipe joints). The visit will be more efficient if you find your meter and clear out a three ft space around it.

Data Privacy

No personal information about your account is transmitted at any time because the water meter does not contain any data related to your account.

The central data collectors receive the water meter readings and it is sent to the City's server using an encrypted data link. The readings are stored in the City's Utility Billing database where it is linked to your account and your bill is calculated.

An advantage of the new system is more information regarding water use and the existing drive-by system can be used as a back up to ensure that readings are current and accurate every billing cycle.

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Aerial Photo of the  St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Facility and it's Solar Farm
Small lake surrounded by a park and homes with businesses and river in background

Phosphorous Recovery at the St. Cloud Nutrient, Energy, and Water Recovery Facility

MN PFA, Other City Projects

Aerial Photo of St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Plant
The Clean Water SRF is supported through a combination of federal capitalization grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state matching funds, loan repayments, and bond proceeds from PFA revenue bonds. Since 1989, Minnesota's Clean Water SRF has received $744 million in federal funds. These funds have been leveraged almost 4 to 1 by the PFA to award more than 500 wastewater loans totaling over $2.8 billion.
Aerial Photo of the St. Cloud, MN hydro electric dam and Mississippi River
The Drinking Water SRF is supported through a combination of federal capitalization grants from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, state matching funds, loan repayments and bond proceeds from PFA revenue bonds. Since 1999, Minnesota has received $355 million in federal drinking water funds. These funds have been leveraged more than 2 to 1 by the PFA to award more than 385 drinking water loans totaling over $775 million.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Utilities Department is to provide utility services to our customers in a safe, cost-effective manner, while providing excellent customer service and protecting the environment.