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Rabies Information
This page has been updated in response to three skunks which tested positive for rabies in south St. Cloud. Several reports of skunks acting abnormally have since been received. No human exposures have been reported. (See 6/13/13 Press Release and 6/19/13 Press Release and 6/28/13 Press Release)

Basic Facts

Handling Wildlife Issues
  • Skunks/ Raccoons/ Bats

Testing for Rabies
If you have been bit or exposed to a potential rabid animal contact animal control immediatly (information above).

If you have not been exposed to a potental rabid animal, but would still like to send an animal in for testing please obtain a Rabies Specimen Submission Form.

Rabies Vaccinations
Rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats, ferrets MUST be kept current. Dogs living in St. Cloud are required to provide proof of current rabies vaccination to the city and license their dogs.