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Core Neighborhoods

The City of St. Cloud believes that its core neighborhoods are the building blocks of the broader community. There are roughly 11 core neighborhoods in St. Cloud. Each neighborhood has a unique identity and opportunities that contribute to the broader community’s economy, heritage, diversity, activities, arts, entertainment, and social fabric. In some cases, neighborhoods already have defined boundaries and may even have an organized neighborhood association. In other cases, major streets define natural neighborhood boundaries, even where there is no formalized neighborhood association.

St. Cloud's Core Neighborhoods are a place to live where people can meet their economic, social, physical and cultural needs, while working together for the common good and participating in creating their future.

2016 Neighborhood Best Practices Action Plan

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Good Neighbor Forum

Good Neighbor Forum

Join us for an interactive forum focusing on city and neighborhood crime prevention and property maintenance efforts. Mingle with your neighbors, city staff and neighborhood leadership to discuss opportunities for creating healthy and safe neighborhoods.
  1. Organize Your Neighborhood
  2. Home Loans
  3. Code Enforcement

Organize Your Neighborhood

Work with other neighborhood residents and property owners to make your neighborhood a better place to live, learn, raise a family and do business!

The St. Cloud Neighborhood Coalition (SCNC) is a grass-roots consortium of St. Cloud's older, established neighborhoods. These neighborhoods united in October, 2003 with a desire to address issues affecting the quality of life for all residents of these neighborhoods. The SCNC is currently comprised of seven neighborhood groups.

Are you interested in forming an organized neighborhood association? Contact the Planning Department at or 320-255-7218.