Skating Rinks & Sledding Hills

Rinks & Warming Shelters

Lake George and all skating rinks are now closed for the season. 
The Lake George Warming Shelter is closed for the season. Lights at Lake George and all skating rinks have been turned off and hockey nets have been removed. 

Outdoor ice rinks offered by the City of St. Cloud Park and Recreation Department seasonally include:
  • Centennial Park
    1725 Centennial Drive
    Hockey and pleasure skating
  • Lake George
    425 East Lake Blvd
    Pleasure skating only
  • Northway Park
    2450 15th St N
    Hockey only
  • Raymond Park
    324 Raymond Ave. NE
    Hockey and pleasure skating
  • Rolling Ridge Park
    6630 Kenwood Road
    Hockey and pleasure skating
  • Rotary West Park
    1507 Goettens Way
    Hockey and pleasure skating
  • Southwood Heights
    3500 17th Ave. S.
    Pleasure skating only
  • Seberger Park
    2001 2nd St. N.
    Pleasure skating only
  • Schmidt Park
    751 18th St S.
    Hockey only
  • Southside Park
    805 13th St S.
    Hockey only
  • Talahi
    Talahi Elementary
    Hockey only
Warming Shelters - Warming Shelters are currently closed for the season. See you next winter!

Riverside Park Warming Shelter (Sledding) - 1725 Kilian Blvd.
Contact us for your sledding party!

Lake George Warming Shelter (Ice Skating) - 425 East Lake Blvd. The Lake George Warming Shelter will be staffed and open for public use, as ice conditions allow.  The shelter will close for adverse weather or poor ice conditions.  Please tune in to WJON or check our Facebook page for weather related or ice condition closures. 

Contact Steve Krueger at 320-650-3053 for information on reserving a shelter for your skating or sledding party!

Skate Rentals

Looking to try out ice skating, but don’t have skates?  You are in luck, we do!  The best part is that they are free to use! Donated by various groups and the local neighborhood association, we have a good number of skates located at the Lake George Warming Shelter. (We cannot guarantee availability of every size.) Have skates at home that aren’t being used and are wondering what to do with them? Give Steve a call at 650-3053.