Downtown Parking Information

The City of St. Cloud provides on and off street parking through its municipal parking program. There are three types of parking in the Downtown area:
1. On street parking (noted in dark yellow on map)
2. Parking lots (noted in light blue on map)
3. Parking ramps (noted in gray on map)

Rates & Regulations

On Street Parking

  • Regulated by the use of parking meters
  • Parking meters are defined as single space meters, pay stations, and multi-space meters
  • Parking meter stalls vary in time restrictions and rates
  • Coin usage and time restrictions are posted on each meter
  • Parking meters accept U.S. nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • Credit cards are not accepted at single space meters
  • Parking meters are enforced Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except holidays
  • Current fee is $0.50 per hour at meters with a two-hour or four-hour maximum
  • Current fee is $.25 for meters limited to 15 minutes

Parking Lots

  • Regulated by the use of parking meters (as defined above) and parking permits
  • Parking permits are available for purchase at City Hall, 400 2nd Street South, on a quarterly basis.
  • Parking permit must be displayed in designated location in the vehicle at all times
  • Parking lots are enforced Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except holidays
  • Current fees for quarterly parking permits:
"C" permit - $77 (includes applicable sales tax)
"A" permit - $131 (includes applicable sales tax)
"Reserve" permit - $210 (includes applicable sales tax)
  • Contact the Finance Department at 320-650-3374 for further information regarding the purchase of a parking permit
Pay Stations (Multi-Space Meters)
Pay stations are currently installed in the Swan Parking Lot (PDF)Convention Center Parking Lot (PDF), Riverboat Parking Lot (PDF), and sections of 5th Avenue, 4th Avenue S, and 1st Street S.
  • Each parking stall is assigned a space number. Space numbers are posted either next to or in front of the stall
  • Instructions are posted on each machine
  • If you encounter a problem with the pay station, contact Public Works at 320-650-2900

Parking Ramps

Contract cards are recommended for individuals who will use a parking ramp on a daily basis.
  • Contract cards are used for entrance and exit from a parking ramp and are used whether attendant is present or not
  • Contract cards are available on a quarterly basis
  • Current fee for contract parking is $184 per quarter (includes applicable sales tax)
  • Contract cards are purchased at City Hall, 400 2nd Street South or call 320-650-3339 for further information
  • Refundable deposit of $10 required for each contract card

Pre-Programmed Ramp Access Card

  • A pre-programmed ramp access card is available for use at the Paramount Parking Ramp only
  • User is required to park on top level of the Paramount Ramp or other low use location
  • User is billed monthly based on actual ramp parking use
  • Current rate is $0.45 per hour
  • Refundable deposit of $40 required with each access card
  • Contact 320-650-3339 for further information