Third Age University

The concept of the "Third Age" views life in 4 stages. The 3rd stage is retirement or the "third age" where an individual participates in activities to fulfill oneself by being engaged educationally, physically, and maintaining healthy social relationships.
  • First Age - of infancy and dependency.
  • Second Age - of professional development and care giving.
  • Third Age - of personal enrichment and pursuit of intellectual and leisure activities.
  • Fourth Age - of dependency.
What Comprises the Third Age University (TAU)
TAU is based on the academic model that WSC is a campus for lifelong learning and conducts its programs with its own unique format and focus. TAU offers classes, seminars, discussion groups and programs that draw upon the lifetime of experiences and knowledge that participants will continue to explore into their 'Third Age.'
Humanities Discussion Group
Ongoing Classes
Whitney Senior Center's ongoing classes take place throughout the year, and offer something for everyone! The classes are set up for participants to jump into any class at any time with out worrying about not being able to follow. All of our TAU instructors are ready to help each student feel comfortable at any level of participation. To find out more about the ongoing classes at Whitney, please see the Whitney Time course catalog.

One-time Classes

Classes that are not ongoing have a start and end date, and typically require pre-registration. Although they are called "one-time" classes, many are offered more than once throughout the year. To see the myriad of these classes offered at Whitney, please see the Whitney Time course catalog.
Membership Cards
After reading the array of ongoing TAU classes available at WSC your next step is to get involved and enjoy the benefits of Lifelong Learning. The key to your future is a small plastic card as seen. This card once activated with your information will allow you to participate in all of the Third Age University classes.
Whitney Senior Center card
Just stop by the front desk at WSC and follow these 5 easy steps to get your TAU Membership card.
  1. Fill out the membership card application found at the front desk.
  2. Receive your new card w/ your name and a barcode number on the back.
  3. If you plan to attend classes that require TAU scans, purchase scans for your membership card. Scans can be purchased in increments of 6 or 12.
    • 6 scans: $18 ($15 St. Cloud resident).
    • 12 scans: $36 ($30 St. Cloud resident).
  4. Before each class your card will get scanned (you can have it scanned at the front desk prior to class). This will deduct the appropriate class scans. Each time your card is scanned a receipt is printed to indicate remaining scans on your account and to turn into your instructor at the beginning of class)
  5. Enjoy your class!
Scholarships are available; please see the Whitney Front Desk for details.

Some classes are free and open to the public and we still ask that you sign up for a membership card and get your card scanned each time you attend class. Free classes will not deduct scans from your card, but we do keep track of attendance.

Would you like to sponsor an event? Would you like to be a part of our programming? Get your name and/or business in all our press releases and fliers. Your donations and participation make a difference in our programming! Thank you for your support.