Service Learning & Leadership Opportunities

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Service learning is a teaching methodology that engages students in hands-on academic projects in the community to meet learning objectives and strengthen communities. Service-learning creates a bridge between WSC and area school districts and universities near Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Our role as each school's community partner it to work with the student individually to construct a project that is mutually beneficial to WSC, the student, and the learning institution. These projects provide real-life experiences to the students.

Target Audience

Service learning and leadership opportunities are available to students from 742 school district, higher education students from CSB, SJU, SCSU, and SCTCC, and adults 55-plus looking to share their skills through leadership opportunities.
WSC Service Learning & Leadership Opportunities
Opportunities listed below are not limited to this list. WSC strives to offer creative and innovative opportunities for participants to be engaged and involved. Special Projects are also available for discussion. Opportunities are available in a variety of options depending on the individual’s capacity to be involved. Opportunities can be one-time, seasonal (ex: 4 to 6 weeks), or ongoing. Here are a few examples:

Computer Lab Assistant
WSC have an updated computer lab that houses seven computers. We offer several courses at WSC including: Computers Made Easy, Digital Photography,  Internet Shopping, and Email Only. Besides computer classes we also offer open lab. As part of open lab we require a staff member to be present to assist with questions. For the computer lab position one is asked to provide assistance to students with basic computer knowledge and know how, patience and some instruction.

Whitney Fitness Desk
Duties would include greeting Fitness Club members, assisting as needed with equipment, being watchful for safety situations, and calling for help if needed. This might be for you if you have good inter-personal skills, an interest in working with older adults, and an interest in physical fitness. CPR training is required, and will be provided if needed.

National Issues Forum Moderator
National Issues Forums bring people together to talk about important issues. Each forum focuses on a specific issue and, help people of diverse views find common ground for action on issues that concern them deeply. NIF forums are structured deliberative discussions, led by trained moderators. Using nonpartisan issue books, participants weigh possible ways to address a problem. They analyze each approach and the arguments for and against.
Special Events Assistant
A great attribute to WSC is that we provide special events. These events can involve audience participation in the hundreds. It’s a great way for WSC to attract new members as well to provide an entertaining event to our regular patrons. Requirements of a Special Events Assistant may include: publicity through fliers and press releases, obtaining decorations and grocery lists for the special event, aligning volunteers for different stations at the event, confirming needs of a performer, carrying out tasks during the event, and clean up.

Whitney Reporter
Extra,extra, read all about it! Whitney is looking for individuals interested in attending events and programs of WSC and writing an article to be published in the Citizen Times, Whitney Time course catalog, or on our Facebook page.
Volunteer serving dinner
Tell a story through interviews or quotes of participants and your own experience. Whitney Reporters will be given notice in advance with one free admission to each event.

Whitney Tour Guide
Whitney has a free Orientation every Monday at 10:30 a.m. for anyone interested in learning more about the facility and services offered. Looking for tour guides to present a short video and then take a group on a facility tour. Information packets supplied as well as a tour guide sheet to help with the tour. Tour guides would be on a monthly rotation.

Third Age University Instructor
Third Age University (TAU) offers a vast array of programming for participants to get involved in. These programs would not be possible without our quality Instructors. Classes can be ongoing, seasonal or one time, and range in areas of art, computer, languages, discussion, fitness/health, dance, seminars and writing. TAU has several teaching opportunities at whatever capacity one wants to be involved.

Third Age University
Whitney Senior Center
Ph: 320-255-7245