Central Minnesota Falls Prevention and Home Safety Coalition

Why Falls Prevention?

One in three adults 65 plus will fall each year. That means that 7,670 seniors will fall this year in Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties. Minnesota leads the nation in deaths caused by unintentional falls. The St. Cloud Fire Department is called out to perform 1 to 2 lift assists (helping a person get up from a fall) of older adults per day - sometimes the same person multiple times in a week. Falls are the number one reason why older adults relocate into nursing homes and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that the average medical cost of a fall is $19,400. The statistics about falls are clear: falls are a rampant problem that is too frequently ignored.

The Central Minnesota Falls Prevention and Home Safety Coalition

RSVP has teamed up with the Central Minnesota Falls Prevention and Home Safety Coalition to reduce the number of falls that occur each year in Central Minnesota. The Coalition, which formed in 2010, is made up of members from the St. Cloud Police and Fire Departments, the St. Cloud Hospital, the Central MN Parish Nurse Ministry Committee, Central MN Council on Aging, Whitney Senior Center and RSVP.

Central MN Falls Prevention and Home Safety Coalition

FREE Resources!

There are many free resources provided by the Central Minnesota Falls Prevention and Home Safety Coalition such as:
  • Free education sessions on preventing falls
  • Free Home Safety Assessments
  • Assistance with routine home modifications

What is a Home Safety Assessment?

While it may sound intimidating, a free Home Safety Assessment (HSA) provided by volunteers is anything but intimidating. HSA volunteers are RSVP volunteers who were trained by the Police and Fire Departments to provide Home Safety Assessments. HSA volunteers, who underwent thorough background checks, visit a home in pairs and the homeowner is encouraged to have an advocate with them as well. When the HSA volunteers arrive, they walk through the home, and using a checklist, look for any fall, fire and crime hazards. The assessors are not looking for cleanliness or dust; rather, they are looking to see if there are any simple changes such as the addition of night lights or grab bars that could make the home safer. We do not judge whether or not someone should remain in their homes, and do not give the information we collect during a Home Safety Assessment to any outside organization.

Common Fall Hazards

Many hazards can contribute to falls, such as:
  • Scatter Rugs
  • Slippery Surfaces
  • Uneven Flooring
  • Clutter on the Floor
  • Low Lighting
  • Absence of Sturdy Handrails and Grab Bars

Why you should schedule a Home Safety Assessment:

Are you at risk for falls? Get your home assessed by trained volunteers who will...
  • Identify potential hazards in your home
  • Explain the risks of injury that are present in your home
  • Suggest modifications that can be made in your home to increase safety
  • Connect you to resources that can assist you with suggested home modifications

To schedule your free Home Safety Assessment, call the RSVP office at (320) 255-7295!

Home Safety Checklist
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