Basketball League

New! 3 on 3 Men's Basketball League

Whether you’re looking to get some cardio for the week, to relive those past glory days or just looking to have fun, this league is for you. Two divisions are offered to ensure competitive balance. Registration deadline is June 3rd. League will run for 6 weeks with doubleheaders played each night. There will be a single elimination playoff bracket after the regular season. No league July 4th.

Men'sThursday6/6 - 7/186/7/8pmWhitney Rec Center$200.00

Online Registration

Adult Basketball League

Registration Information
Register your team either online, or in person at the Whitney Recreation Center (1529 Northway Drive) or Lake George Municipal Complex (1101 7th Street South). Payment must be made when you register. Registration is not considered complete until the entire team fee is paid.

Sales Tax Exemption
Teams whose team fees are paid by a non-profit organization with a sales tax exemption are exempt from sales tax. Payment must come directly from that organization to St. Cloud Recreation to qualify. A certificate of exemption from that organization needs to be on file with the Recreation Office prior to registering.

Non-resident Fee
20% of the league fee, prior to tax
A non-resident is defined as anyone who does not live within the city limits of St. Cloud. A person may actually have a St. Cloud address but still considered a non-resident as they do not pay property taxes to the City of St. Cloud. If the majority of the team consist of non-residents of St. Cloud, the non-resident fee will be applied.

Supervision of Children
All children must be supervised during league play. Children are not allowed to run around the gym or recreation center. Any adult who is not playing in a game must supervise their children or teammates’ children. Unsupervised children can be distracting to both players and officials, but most importantly, they run the risk of injuring themselves or causing injury to others.