Contractor Log In

Currently contractors can log into eTRAKiT to see their permits that were issued after November 1st, 2016, and required inspections for those permits.

eTRAKiT In The Future

Eventually eTRAKiT will allow contractors to:
  • Apply and pay for permits, print permits, and schedule inspections. 
  • Set-up for individual permit types are currently be worked on.  Every effort is being made to get eTRAKiT up and running for every permit type.  Please check back here for updates on eTRAKiT go-live dates as they become available.

eTRAKiT Guides

Guides will be made available as each permit type is turned on in the eTRAKiT system.
  • Navigation Guide - This guide shows, with screen shots, how to navigate the eTRAKiT system, including how to see information on your permits.