Sustainability Awards

The aim of the Sustainability Award is to recognize individuals, organizations, institutions, businesses or projects that encourage or demonstrate the successful implementation of sustainability in Central Minnesota and serves as an inspiration for others to do the same. The awards are designed to inspire innovation, showcase impact, and reward leadership and promote educations around the goals of the Framework Plan.
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  1. 2014 Recipients
  2. 2013 Recipients
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  4. 2011 Recipients
Natural Parks & Trails Coalition
The NPTC is dedicated to preserving natural areas for public use and enjoyment and to educating the public about the natural environment. For over 17 years, dedicated individuals and member organizations of NPTC have advocated for natural resources restoration and management as well as the creation of park, trail and water recreation experiences inspiring people to pass along the love for outdoors to current and future generations.
2014 Natural Parks & Trails Coalition