Learn About

  1. City Parks & Facilities

    Get information on visiting local parks, renting facilities, participating in recreation activities

  2. Economic Development

    Find out about new business development activity in St. Cloud

  3. Engineering Services

    Find out what services the Engineering Department provides.

  4. Housing Guidelines

    Check out code enforcement for housing.

  5. Improvement Projects

    Learn about local improvement projects.

  6. Legal Services

    Acquire legal or victim services.

  7. Parking in St.Cloud

    This page will provide you the information that you need on city parking, including permit information, procedures and regulations, parking maps, and road construction projects.

  8. Parking Permit

    Learn more about parking downtown.

  9. Parking Violations

    Learn more about parking violations.

  10. Refuse/Recycling/Yard Waste Collection

    Learn about the city’s refuse and recycling collection system.

  11. Senior Health & Fitness

    Discover all that Whitney has to offer to help you stay well in the third age.

  12. Senior Leisure & Education

    Explore classes, activities and events at Whitney Senior Center.

  13. Snow Removal

    Find out more on city snow removal.

  14. Special Assessments

    Learn more about special assessments on city projects.

  15. Traffic Systems

    Find out how traffic systems work in the system.

  16. Water Quality & Services

    Read more on the city's public utilities.

  17. Whitney Woodshop

    State-of-the-art equipment and tools for older adults who enjoy woodworking.

  18. Working for the City

    Discover the benefits of working for the city.